We value democratic processes. You are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in running the co-op!


Members depend on each other. You can share your support by joining a committee or organizing events!


Co-ops are owned by their members. We share the responsibilities and have more control over our housing!

Craigflower Housing Co-op aims to provide affordable housing for all members. We recognize that our housing charges are our income source and endeavor to avoid becoming cost prohibitive.

From now until the end of the operating agreement, we will continue to provide subsidy to any eligible members.

We will update our current long term plans, and work to continue increasing our savings each year so that we can maintain our homes properly.

We understand that the older our homes become the more it is going to cost to maintain them.

We understand that housing charges are our only source of revenue and so to increase revenue we will have to increase housing charges accordingly over time.

As our homes age, the cost of upkeep, repair and replacement increases. We will need to invest more resources to maintain our homes to a reasonable standard over their lifetime. This is an investment in safe, secure homes for our members.

Our community is diverse. We understand that we currently may not have the ideal mix of unit sizes to suit our members’ changing needs. Members should live in the unit most appropriate to the size of their household.

We believe that co-op education is critical to our success and needs to be continued to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of our co-op. We will budget for education and training annually and use that budget.

While we manage and govern our co-op we will look after and respect one another.

Co-op leaders and members will model acceptable behaviour and we will apply ethical standards to what we say and do in a way that reflects and reinforces our shared values. We will not accept less.

We believe in the principles of democracy and co-operation and understand that an engaged and involved membership is essential to the long-term success of our co-op. We will endeavour to keep our units filled with members who share our core values, accept the responsibility of membership, take pride in their homes, meet their financial obligations, follow co-op policies, and get involved in the co-op.

We emphasize the need for committees and members to actively participate in the well being of the co-op. We recognize that our ability to maintain affordable housing charges is directly linked to the volunteer effort of each and every member in their co-operative community. Without participation, affordability is jeopardized and co-op values and principles are jeopardized.

We depend on each other. The contribution of our volunteers is important to the co-op. We will also invest in the skills we need to do the work.

We will look to core management standards for keeping our co-op in good repair, managing the finances, keeping the co-op full, meeting our legal requirements, and supporting good governance, to assess how we’re doing and plan for the future.


About our co-operative

At Craigflower Co-op, our mission is to provide “Security Through Community” by upholding the values of Safety, Financial Sustainability, Co-operation, Affordability, and Environmental Sustainability.

We acknowledge and respect the Lekwugen people on whose traditional territory the co-operative stands and the peoples whose historical relationship with the land continues to this day.

Contact us

Craigflower Housing Co-operative
1509-A Glentana Road
View Royal, B.C. V9A 7G3

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